Tom is a Water Resources Engineer specialising in Hydrologic Modelling and Software Development. As lead developer of HEC-HMS, Tom oversees all code activity undertaken by the HEC-HMS team. Tom architects’ new portions of code, manages code submissions from a team of developers, and mentors’ new developers in the code base. Tom oversees the delivery of new releases to the field. Tom has been instrumental in implementing continuous integration/continuous delivery practices at HEC, reducing the delivery time for bug fixes and new features to customers. Tom established a culture of continuous feedback with end-users through frequent releases, a continuous beta testing program for new features, and frequent webinars with the field to highlight new capability. During his time at HEC, Tom has participated in major studies as a hydrologic modeler, implemented major enhancements to the software, provided technical support to users, and developed and delivered training to USACE and customers around the world.

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