Sanjeev is a hydrogeologist with nearly 17 years of public and private sectors experience in groundwater resource management in Australia and southern Africa. Sanjeev is the
General Manager, Office of Groundwater Impact Assessment, Queensland Government (OGIA) . Sanjeev was previously the Director of Projects at the Queensland Water Commission’s Coal Seam Gas water unit and is leading the development of first cumulative groundwater impact assessment and reporting for the Surat and Southern Bowen basins. In his previous role at Qld DERM, Sanjeev was intimately involved in the development of strategic policy, legislation and implementation framework for the management of groundwater impacts from proposed extraction of Coal Seam Gas water in Queensland. Sanjeev also lead development of a number of groundwater management related policy initiatives to support water resource planning framework in Queensland. He particularly played a lead role in the management of the Great Artesian Basin (GAB) including development of the GAB Water Resource Plan (WRP) and Resource Operations Plan (ROP) in 2006.

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