Martin’s experience in hydrology covers more than three decades in civil engineering consultancy in Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong and UK. Martin’s projects cover a broad spectrum from single-lot domestic developments to multi-billion dollar infrastructure projects, including the Pacific Highway, Ipswich Motorway, Hong Kong International Airport, mines, solar farms, airports and railways. Martin’s specialities include hydrological and hydraulic modelling, bridge scour, design of transport infrastructure, mines and mine water management, infrastructure planning, assessments of insurance claims and forensic analysis.

Martin’s hydrological interests include the practical application of HEC-HMS to Australian hydrology. His explorations of HEC-HMS’ technology formed the basis of his peer-reviewed Hydraulics and Water Resources Symposium (HWRS) 2022 paper; Catchment Response Times Decrease with Increased Rainfall Intensity. His further application of the HEC-HMS technology forms the basis of his current HWRS 2023 paper; Estimation of flood magnitudes affected by combined outflows from a large dam and side-creek using long term continuous simulation.

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