Kate Meyer has been a fisheries biologist and river restoration practitioner for the U.S. Forest Service for over 16 years and a member of the Pacific Northwest Region’s Restoration Assistance Team (RAT). Kate, along with several other members of the RAT, are part of a cadre of restoration practitioners that are pioneering “restoration to Stage 0 and 8” approaches, tools, techniques, and monitoring strategies.

Kate has led the design, implementation, and monitoring of seven valley-scale restoration projects (to Stage 0 and 8) in the last seven years and is constantly learning about how to best implement these projects, how these projects evolve, and how the biological community is responding.

She has participated in several Stage 0 workshops across the Western U.S., Sweden and the UK, has co-authored two publications on restoration to Stage 0, and given numerous presentations and project tours. She invites anyone and everyone to come experience these projects first-hand.

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