Professor Greg Leslie is at UNSW, School of Chemical Engineering Focussing on water and nutrient recycling, Greg’s research goal is to reduce the environmental footprint of water, food and biofuel sectors. His team at UNSW uses experimental and numerical modelling techniques to improve the performance of membrane processes to recycle water and nutrients from municipal and industrial waste. They critically examine the performance of polymeric and ceramic membranes in desalination, water recycling, biofuels and meat abattoir applications. Greg’s fields of research include: Wastewater Treatment Processes, Water Treatment Processes, Chemical Engineering Design, Membrane and Separation Technologies. Greg’s Awards are numerous and include: Finalist, New Inventors, ABC TV program for ‘RO sub surface drip irrigation system’ (2011) Co-recipient, Australian Museum Eureka Prize for Water Innovation, (2010) Water Issues Committee, National Health and Medical Research Council (2007 – 2009) Water Group, Prime Ministers Science Engineering and Innovation Council (2007) Expert Review Panel, California Department of Health Services, (2004 – 2012) Technical Committee Desalination Guideline, World Heath Organisation (2004 -2006) Lead Process Designer, Singapore NEWater System (2001-2003).

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