Ferdinand is an experienced professional in hydrogeology, geotechnical engineering, and environmental projects. His work has taken him across Germany, Peru, and Western Australia, where he has demonstrated expertise in geological and numerical groundwater modeling using Leapfrog Hydro/Geo and FEFLOW.

With extensive experience supervising drilling programs, Ferdinand is skilled in various methods, including dual air rotary, conventional hammer, mud rotary, diamond, direct push, and RC. He is also well-versed in geotechnical and hydrogeological logging, hydraulic testing, packer testing, slug testing, test pump supervision and analysis, multi-level piezometer installation, well installation, sampling, groundwater monitoring, stream flow gauging, vibrating wire piezometer installation, and transducer installation and download.

In addition to his fieldwork, Ferdinand is an expert in geotechnical applications such as dynamic plate-loading testing, standard penetration testing, and direct push core sampling. He is highly proficient in the compilation, manipulation, presentation, and analysis of hydrogeological data, using tools such as MapInfo, ArcGIS, gINT, Strater, and AQTESOLV.

Ferdinand has also contributed his time and skills to the wider community. He volunteered with the Hogar de Cristo foundation in Guayaquil, Ecuador, and also served within the German Civilian Service at IWL Landsberg, working in a workshop for challenged people in Landsberg, Germany.

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