Ed grew up on a dry land dairy farm on the eastern Darling Downs. After graduating with an Agricultural Engineering Degree from the University of Southern Queensland in 1971 he joined the then Irrigation and Water Supply Commission. Since that time he has worked for the Queensland government department responsible for the management of the water resources of the State. Ed has been involved in the investigation, design, operation and maintenance of irrigation, drainage and water supply schemes and the planning and management of the water resources of Queensland. After 8 years as the Department’s District Manager in charge of the Burdekin Irrigation Area he returned to Central Queensland in 1997. From 1997 ‘ 2009 as the department’s Regional Manager, Water Services he was involved with the development and implementation of the seven Water Resource Plans and Resource Operations Plans in the Central West Region as well as the Central Queensland Regional Water Supply Strategy. Since 2009 a particular focus of Ed’s work has been involved with the management of water quality issues in the Fitzroy catchment.

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