With over four decades of experience in water resources, David C. Curtis, Ph.D., is a recognized national and international leader in hydrology, flood warning systems, and flood emergency preparedness. He currently is working with the Chehalis River Flood Authority in Washington; and San Joaquin County, the City of Folsom, San Diego County, and the City of Roseville in California, to improve and upgrade their flood warning and emergency response systems. He is contract manager for two California Department of Water Resources dam and reservoir studies and multiple U.S. Army Corps of Engineers task orders. Curtis has supported several agencies to apply for and receive over $1 million in grants from CA DWR Emergency Response and Local Levee Assistance programs.

Curtis served as President, Past-President, and Director of the National Hydrologic Warning Council. He represents the Warning Council on the USGS Advisory Committee on Water Information. He also serves on technical committees for the American Society of Civil Engineers Environment and Water Resources Institute and the American Meteorological Society.

Dr. Curtis was named a 2012 Outstanding Alumnus and named to the Henry P. Armsby Honor Society in 2013 by the College of Agricultural Sciences at Pennsylvania State University and received a Climate Services Award in 2014 from the California DWR for his contributions to the DWR Climate Change Technical Advisory Group. In 2013 and again in 2015, Dr. Curtis received a Special Services Award from the National Hydrologic Warning Council.

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