Clemens is an engineer with a strong interest in environmental issues and emerging technologies. He has worked as a Data & Modelling Specialist at DHI for the past five years, where he develops and implements predictive models to support environmental projects.

Clemens has a background in programming, physical, and mathematical knowledge, which he combines with the latest developments in computational software and hardware to generate insights from data. He also has a solid understanding of interdisciplinary and intercultural teamwork and stakeholder management.

Clemens is committed to developing his communication, leadership, and time-management skills. He has demonstrated his ability to work effectively in interdisciplinary and intercultural teams, making him a valuable asset to DHI.

Clemens’ work has focused on the complex ecological, economical, and political interdependencies posed by climate change. He sees these challenges as an opportunity for continuous learning and growth. He strives to develop new tools and methodologies to improve the accuracy and efficiency of data analysis while ensuring that the insights generated are easily understandable and actionable.

Overall, Clemens Cremer is a dedicated engineer with a passion for environmental issues and a commitment to continuous learning and growth. His work at DHI has contributed to the development of predictive models and methodologies that support environmental projects.

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