Water Management Newsletter: June 2016

Tuesday, 21 June, 2016

Share-email.pngWe are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.

Aristotle 384 BC – 322 BC

Excellence: Now there is a term we use glibly, but going by its rarity it’s like gold.
Below are some great examples of excellence in the water sector; hoping they inspire you toward excellence as much as they do for all of us here at ICE WaRM.

Good News Stories:

Victorian water plant to go 100% renewable, powered by wind turbine
The water and sewerage treatment plant that services the regional Victorian city of Portland will soon be powered entirely by wind energy.
Wannon Water says the turbine will deliver reductions in customer water bills.
“Using the best technology available, this project will provide a net-zero emissions energy supply for Portland’s treatment plants….(It) will significantly reduce our energy costs, with the savings passed on to customers”, said Wannon Water chair Jacinta Ermacora.
Construction of the $2.4 million wind generator would go ahead in late 2016 and was set for completion mid-2017

Capacity-Building for Water Management:

Here in Australia there is a huge range of value-adding professional development opportunities.
See these two tables:
Organisations within the water industry
Upcoming training opportunities, including:

Workshop: Water Sources in 2050?: July, Adel: 1-Day Workshop, in association with NCCARF’s Climate Adaptation Conference. Presenters to include: Neil Palmer NCEDA/Tonkin, Ian Law University of Qld, Graham Green DEWNR/Goyder, Bruce Naumann Water Salisbury, Rhett Butler SkyJuice, Michael Porter Deakin University, Matthew Hardy BoM

2 minute introduction:

Hydrology and Hydraulics for Non-Engineers: September 21 – 23 , Sydney: Basic principles of hydrology and hydraulics for staff with no formal training in water engineering.

HEC-RAS Water Modelling Course: October 17-21, Melbourne: Covering 1D and recently released 2D Modelling, courses run consecutively, attend any combination of courses.

Webinar: Water Sources in 2050? Friday 24th June. Where will Australia’s water come from?

Water Sources:

The following BoM data figure is very useful as we consider the above Webinar and Workshop:

Graphs of the Month:
Continuing with global warming, the following 2 graphs from Climate Central sum up the long-term data well:http://assets.climatecentral.org/images/made/5_16_16_Andrea_CO2_weekly_may2016_720_492_s_c1_c_c.jpgCO2 Nears Peak: Are We Permanently Above 400 PPM?


ICE WaRM Nepal visitors:

In May 2016 ICE WaRM conducted a study mission in Australia for six high level government officials from Nepal. The purpose of this high level study mission was to share knowledge on Integrated WRM implementation at basin scale and to support Government of Nepal’s effort in water resources management, in particular to exchange experiences on a range of policy issues. The study mission consisted of a series of meetings with high level Australian counterparts, scientists and practitioners. It included visits to key sites including River Murray irrigation areas, Murray Mouth and the Snowy Hydro Scheme.


Top Water Issues for Australia:

If you find yourself thinking what are the top issues in water, take a look at the outstanding

Australian Water Association and Deloitte State of the Water Sector Report 2015. Below is the summary chart showing the top priorities for the water sector:


Water Facts:
Water.org does outstanding work, helping to promote water issues.
For example: Did you know that globally more people have mobile phones than access to a toilet.
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