South Australian Government – Fellowships for Rajasthan Water Management

The South Australian Government has engaged ICE WaRM (International Centre of Excellence in Water Resources Management) to manage three fellowships for the new International Centre of Excellence in Water and Resource Planning and Management in Rajasthan.

Each Fellowship will be worth $10,000 and will be awarded to a Highly-qualified Indian citizen to support research in sustainable water management. The fellowship will strengthen the already strong sister- state relationship between South Australia and Rajasthan which will facilitate trade and investment opportunities.

The South Australian Universities or research organisations who host the selected Fellows will enjoy the added benefit of the international exposure that will come from supporting the establishment of the Rajasthan Centre of Excellence as well as showcasing South Australia’s expertise in water management.

A call for applications will be open soon to:

  • Highly-qualified students commencing or continuing postgraduate studies at either Masters or PhD level;
  • Post-PhD individuals wanting to participate in research and advance their scientific knowledge in water resources management; and,
  • Suitably qualified experts to undertake a short-term placement or study tour.

To be eligible to receive a Fellowship, applicants must be a citizen of India and be residing in India at the time of applying for the Fellowship.