Masters Students in Industry Leading Projects

Wednesday, 25 August, 2010

Three ICE WaRM Masters students are currently involved in cutting-edge water projects through the Centre’s industry placement programme.

Hans Gielen is leading a sewer mining project for an Adelaide-based council – taking wastewater from sewerage pipes, filtering it through an on-site cleaning process and making it available for uses such as watering and cleaning. Hans is bringing together theoretical knowledge and practical construction work – and is planning a presentation to university members and professionals once the project is completed.
Matthew Shipton has started a research project as part of the Premier’s Science and Research Fund at the University of Adelaide. The work centres on treatment optimisation for water of variable quality and enhancing conventional water treatment to respond to changes in water quality. The project provides extensive opportunities for planning the operation and maintenance of systems, as well as preparing technical solutions and strategies which address legislative and economic changes.

Maureen Robinson is working at an environmental consultancy on a project aimed to improve the extraction of chemicals from a natural water-saturated environment. She is leading laboratory trials to purify the chemicals and enhance their market value, aiming to develop commercially-viable production processes.