ICE WaRM Programmes Making Impact in Asia

Wednesday, 2 June, 2010

Mike SeagerICE WaRM’s International Partnerships Manager, Mike Seager, has returned from a recent parthership-building mission to South East Asia, confident that the Centre’s international programmes are making a substantial improvement to water resources management in the region.

“It’s extremely encouraging to see the degree to which ICE WaRM’s projects and programmes have made an impact on the way emerging leaders and executive managers think about water and ways in which it should be managed,” he says.During the visit, Mr. Oudomsack Philavong, Assistant Director General, Department of Water Resources, Water Resources and Environment Administration (WREA) in Lao PDR said “the programmes fit well with the needs of National Mekong Committees and Line Agencies. Parts of my new assignment are very relevant to the ICE WaRM programme I undertook in 2008. This gave me a better understanding and many new angles on water resources management, especially the ground water component – a new concept and very useful for me. In general, ICE WaRM’s programmes are of great interest to WREA, especially the management approach as well as the technical aspects in dealing with surface water and groundwater”.

Mr Kim Vannada, Lecturer in the Rural Engineering Department, Institute of Technology of Cambodia (ITC) was also pleased with the training he had received, provided by ICE WaRM.

“Of course the programme during which I trained for six weeks in Australia in the field of Integrated Water Resources Management ( IWRM ) was very important and successful for me. I gained learning through the short courses, field visits and workshops in Australia and I have disseminated this to my colleagues and to the students of ITC when I came back to my home country. It all fits very closely to the study programme in the Department of Rural Engineering, as well as work plans for the Institute of Technology of Cambodia and the Ministry of Meteorology and Water Resources Management.”

The mission included meetings with senior officials in the Laotian capital Vientiane, the Cambodian capital Phnom Penh and Cantho and Hanoi in Vietnam.

The visit highlighted ICE WaRM’s move to consolidate existing and build new relationships, through continuing to develop long-term international partnerships and linked networks in the region.