ICE WaRM Outlines Water Career Opportunities

Friday, 29 May, 2009

ICE WaRM Project Coordinator Peter Moss was a prominent speaker at the Riding the Wave of Water careers seminar for young water professionals in Darwin in April.

The seminar series, organised by the Australian Water Association (AWA) and sponsored by ICE WaRM, showcased ICE WaRM and the education and training programmes it offers, as well as career opportunities in the Northern Territory’s water industry.

Other presenters included Allison Bowman – Manager of the South Australian branch of the AWA, Amy Dysart – from Power and Water in Darwin, who also is enrolled in ICE WaRM’s Masters of Water Resource Management programme, Fiona Mackenzie – AWA specialist for the Water Industry Capacity Development network, Darryl Day – former AWA president and the current head of Power and Water and Professor Eric Valentine from Charles Darwin University.