Fresh Research Initiatives for Fleurieu Peninsula

Wednesday, 2 September, 2009

DWLBC_cmyk_H copyResearch priorities for the Fleurieu Peninsula Wetlands are being refined, following the second in a series of ICE WaRM’s Living Laboratories workshops in Adelaide in early September.
The workshop heard three major presentations.

Consultant Darren Willis examined issues including draining saline groundwater from the landscape, managing flooding of agriculture land, providing environmental flows to key wetlands, protecting and enhancing biodiversity assets across the region under management agreements.

Alys Stevens, a Vegetation Officer with the Fleurieu Peninsula Swamps Recovery Program, outlined the goals of the project – among them halting ongoing destruction, protecting and building the resilience of the remaining wetlands and reducing their threatened status.

She also looked at the legislative framework for preserving the wetlands, including the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Act, the Natural Resource Management Act, the Native Vegetation Act and the National Parks and Wildlife Act.

While David Deane from the Department of Water, Land and Biodiversity Conservation focused on determining the ecological response to the water regime in the Fleurieu Wetlands.