Pradeep Mathur


Pradeep Mathur was appointed as the ICE WaRM Partnership Support Adviser, Water Sector in January 2016. Pradeep served the Water Resources Department, Government of Rajasthan, India in various capacities for 38 years and was Chief Engineer, State Water Resources Planning Department until September 2014. Pradeep was the Adviser for the European Union supported State Partnership Programme (EU-SPP) in Rajasthan. Pradeep has extensive experience working with international organisations such as the World Bank, Japan International Cooperation Agency, the Asian Development Bank and the European Union on various projects in the State of Rajasthan. Pradeep has been associated with the delegations from the Australian Government and South Australian Government. Pradeep was instrumental in drafting the Rajasthan State Water Policy in the 1999 – 2010 which included the proposal of setting up a Centre of Excellence in Water Sector in Rajasthan. Pradeep has published several technical papers in technical journals.

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