2nd Gas Policy and Water Management

2-Day Course on Environmental Assessment for extracting CSG and Shale Gas

You will be exposed to the most critical issues facing the industry and gain understanding on likely directions in the next few years.
The course will be Chaired each day by an experienced mentor, supported by a team of specialist Presenters. You may opt to attend either one or both days.

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Date: Thursday, 2 March 2017 - Friday, 3 March 2017

Location: Canberra, Novotel, 65 Northbourne Avenue

Contact: Trevor Pillar T: 08 8236 5200 E: tpillar@awschool.com.au

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Ben Kele

Arris Water

Ben is the Director at Arris Water and completing his PhD at Central Queensland University. Ben has 20 years’ experience in the water industry and has researched, built and operated a wide range of ... Read more

George Gates

CSG & GW Consultant

As Director of Water Management Implementation in the NSW Office of Water, George was responsible for surface and groundwater management. He has been writing groundwater policy for the NSW government ... Read more

David Free


David is the Chief Hydrogeologist with DNRM and has some 40 years’ experience undertaking groundwater investigations, assessment and management across most aquifer types in Queensland with a strong ... Read more

Sanjeev Pandey


Sanjeev is a hydrogeologist with nearly 17 years of public and private sectors experience in groundwater resource management in Australia and southern Africa. Sanjeev is the General Manager, Office o... Read more

John Ross

EMM Consulting Pty Limited

John is the National Technical Leader, Hydrogeology at EMM Consulting Pty Limited. Previously he was Manager Hydrogeology with the Upstream Gas Division of AGL Energy. John has more than 40 years’ e... Read more

Kevin Wormington

KRW Environmental

Gaining his PhD at University of Queensland in Ecology and Environmental Science, Kevin is the Principal Ecologist at KRW Environmental. Kevin has 19 years of experience as an ecologist in Australia... Read more


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Attend 1 or both days: Day 1: Coal Seam Gas     Day 2: Shale Gas

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– Understand water management policies being legislated for gas extraction
– Learn how water science underpins gas policy development
– Know how to discuss policy and water management issues with consultants
– Understand how gas regulations are being developed
– Recognise mission-critical water issues in gas extraction

Who Comes:
– Australian Rivers Institute, SA Arid Lands
– Griffith University
– MWA Environmental
– MWES Consulting
– Osmoflo
– Veolia

Testimonials from ICE WaRM’s previous Gas Policy Courses:

  • “Thank you! This is one of the most useful training courses I’ve ever attended. Great breadth of material, great presenters and pitched at the right level.”
  • “Very interesting and engaging presenter. Good case studies. Good presenter.”
  • “Engaging, professional, really helpful, great info, great presenter. He had very useful info for our work. Probably the best presenter, funny and easy to listen to and learn from.”

This course is designed and delivered by leading practitioners, regulators and scientists working on environmental issues in gas-extraction. The course Chairpersons each day are George Gates and Ben Kele. They will be supported by specialist Presenters.

Day 1, Coal Seam Gas

Chair: George Gates, supported by a team of specialist Presenters.

Topics include:

  • Managing CSG water extraction impacts
  • Improving our understanding and modelling of the groundwater flow system in the Surat Basin
  • Changes to better align management of water extraction for CSG and mining projects
  • Water use after extraction
  • Reinjection of treated CSG water into aquifers
  • Compliance and engagement in the CSG industry
  • Background methane emissions in the landscape

Video: ‘Who’s drilling for coal gas?’, ABC Splash, ABC Catalyst


Day 2, Shale Gas

Chair: Ben Kele, supported by a team of specialist Presenters.

Topics include:

  • How does Shale Gas differ from CSG
  • Extraction techniques
  • Use of water in the fracking process
  • Shale Opportunities in Australia
    • Australian Shale Gas Reserves
    • Western Australian Developments
    • Expansion Plans for Queensland
  • Contaminants of Concern in Shale Gas Water
    • Examples of differences between Shale and CSG
  • International Case Studies on Shale Gas Water Treatment
  • Development of the Shale Gas Industry in North America
    • What’s worked; what’s failed
    • How the development of new extraction techniques have impacted on water
    • Why have certain water treatment techniques proved dominant
  • Australian Regulations for Shale Gas
    • National Regulation
    • State Based Regulation
  • Discussions

Video: Hydraulic Fracturing, MarathonOilCorp            Video: Fracking in Questions, Total.com



WD04 core hole, Bulga NSW

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