Colin Hazel

Groundwater Consultant- Qld

Colin has almost 50 years of experience in water engineering. He is a former Chairman of the Water Resources Management Committee, the Groundwater Committee and the Great Artesian Basin Steering Committee of the Australian Water Resources Council (AWRC). His strengths are in analytical modelling of groundwater resources, pumping test analysis, groundwater hydraulics, groundwater investigation and assessment, managed aquifer recharge, conjunctive use, water resources data collection, and water quality assessment and management. Colin helped prepare the first AWRC Groundwater School which was held in Adelaide in 1965 and was principal lecturer at the AWRC Groundwater Schools in 1973, 1975 and 1978. His lectures were consolidated into a document ‘Groundwater Hydraulics’, a document which has been used in the groundwater industry since 1973. Since his retirement he has been involved in mentoring young engineers and hydrogeologists who are working in the groundwater industry.

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